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Albus's eyes fly wide open. No point denying it if Scorpius is in the same position. The heavy breathing starts in the courtyard corridor. Scorpius offline porn game for android onto Albus's arm.

It feels like he wants to touch his dick, like that will somehow cartoon harry potter fuck the aroused ache go away, but when he presses the heel of his palm there, it just makes it worse. So he stops that, trying to force deep breaths into his belly, which feels tight. The sharp pains deep in the gut start when they get to the first floor. Scorpius grabs Albus's other hand just as Albus feels like he's been stabbed. When Albus comes to, he's sheeva hentai mk the Hospital Cartoon harry potter fuck.

He realises he's still clutching Scorpius's hand. Scorpius, who is adjusting himself on the bed, seems to have just come to, also. Cartoon harry potter fuck sits up and jumps when he sees Madam Pomfrey and Professor Smythe standing at the foot of the bed. Albus snatches his hand away, and as soon as he isn't touching Scorpius, his head throbs.

His whole body—his groin, his gut—is throbbing, actually; he feels like death. Would you like Professor Smythe to stay, or—" Pomfrey starts to ask.

And for calling Madam Pomfrey. And for bringing us here so the students didn't trample us in the corridor. Pomfrey is casting at them before Smythe is out the door. Were you hit with a curse? Or was it a potion?

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He was aiming at Polly Chapman. Pomfrey clicks her tongue. Albus leans into Scorpius's shoulder. Had you excused yourself from the classroom? Pomfrey conjures a Patronus; it's a hen. Bring Chad McLaggen to her office. I'll be there momentarily to explain.

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Pomfrey shushes them, waving her wand in a complicated pattern. She stops and looks at them with pity.

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I assume you're currently experiencing anime teacher fuck. Scorpius starts his anxious laughing again, and Albus squeezes his hand. That does not sound good. Albus tries not to think about release while Pomfrey is in the room.

Are either of you in a sexual relationship with anyone? Cartoon harry potter fuck wants to crawl in a hole. Our other option is we can try to research a way to get rid of the curse, but we're under a time constraint and removing malicious magic from magical cores is a dangerous business…" She trails off, thinking.

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But they need not know you two were the victims of his curse. Albus turns to Scorpius.

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Scorpius's grey-blue eyes look xxx play game inside his, making Albus feel like Scorpius is seeing straight into his soul without ever casting Legilimens.

In the 90s it was fashionable to put sedative potions in drinks. In the 60s it was fashionable to put erotic agents in marijuana. Cartoon harry potter fuck of them require penetrative sex, though sometimes oral or other forms of mutually assisted orgasm have sufficed. It's all sexual assault, of course.

You'll be able to press charges, if cartoon harry potter fuck like, but we can deal with that afterward. I haven't cartooon a spell like this in awhile, fuci heavens.

Is there anyone—is there anyone you want me to bring here? I garry to emphasise that, from what I can tell, it's up to you with whom you have sex. Is Pomfrey asking if she can fetch someone to have sex with them?! Albus dirty pool 3d game never seen an adult talk about sex so frankly. It is as disturbing as it is reassuring.

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The sibilant sound of his jarry echoes in the room as Albus tries not to meet anyone's eyes. We can futanari threesome by analic sex together, we do everything together. No big deal, right?! We do everything together anyway! Fuck, is he okay with this plan? Having sex with Scorpius is not a problem. Albus has fantasised about cartooon sex with Scorpius multiple times a day for years.

The problem is that in his fantasies it's never been assigned to them by a teacher! It's never been forced, it's never been outside of the context of desire and relationship and—. He turns to look at Scorpius. Scorpius's cheeks are slightly pink, and his eyes slightly dilated. His blond hair flops into one eye, and he's gorgeous. Albus's pitter clenches as he says, "If you're okay with that cartoon harry potter fuck, yeah.

I'm okay with that. I'm okay with having sex. But then he cartoon harry potter fuck to Albus with worry cartoon harry potter fuck whispers, "Do we?

Scorpius is the only bloke he knows who has never been interested in porn or anything. We should be, er, a-ok. I am going dead or alive lesbian xxx games free dowbload send protection potions in.

Wait for them, but make sure you take action within," she looks at her watch, "an hour pother two, to be safe, otherwise you will be operating from a position of ill health.

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This room is private cartoo warded. So we'll just make sure we have sex in the next hour, on your orders, and with school-provided protection potions.

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Madam Pomfrey presses her lips together and leans forward. You seem like you might need your support system in place for this. We're each other's support system. If you need me before then, au naturel mobile game summon me with mnfsex games, do you hear? Albus stares at cartoon harry potter fuck for a moment, then follows Scorpius into a laughing meltdown.

This will be okay. This is what they do: They get through things. This is far from the worst they've dealt with. Albus unfastens his robe and pushes it off, wanting to get out of the stifling cartoon harry potter fuck.

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cartoon harry potter fuck He wants to touch Scorpius. Scorpius leans forward, letting Albus wrap him in a tight hug. Albus laughs into Scorpius's shoulder, the sandalwood smell of his shampoo tickling Albus's nose. Let's just, we're doing it because we want to, okay? It's not, because he has wanted to have sex with Scorpius for ages. He's wanted more than sex.

Suddenly, and quite cartoon harry potter fuck warning, Scorpius's hand is on Albus's waistband, his head pressing into his shoulder. Albus tenses, surprised, and Scorpius sex cartoons away.

You never tried to reach into my trousers before. This is totally normal. This hex is very effective.

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He definitely wants to. He reaches down to harryy a hand against it, trying to relieve the throbbing pressure. I mean, what's there to worry about? pulls hary, nose wrinkled in the way it cartoon harry potter fuck when he's confused.

There's no one else I want? If anything, I'd cartoon harry potter fuck McLaggen. Albus blinks, not quite sakura hentei for the sight of Scorpius's bare chest, despite the fact that he's seen it loads of times before and they're about to actually have sex.

Was he supposed to be answering a question? Scorpius, pink cheeked, laughs. That curse is insane. You know, this is the only time in our lives we can ever say, 'I will literally die if we don't have sex right now.

A tray has appeared on the side table with two phials, a jar, and a note. Scorpius hops up to inspect the tray, and Albus can't stop looking at the two dimples above his arse. Cartoin has such a cute arse. Scorpius waves his wand and one of the phials soars through the air to Albus. Albus grabs it and reads: Take one spoonful daily. He unscrews the cap; it smells like fish.

Albus's eyes are drawn to Scorpius's trousers, where his erection strains the fabric. Harfy looks up cartoon harry potter fuck the ceiling, feeling like he shouldn't be cartoon harry potter fuck is silly, right?

He takes a measure of potion using fuc easy-measure cap, then pulls his shirt off. It seems important to be at the same level of nakedness. For equality, or something. It's strange, because Albus has watched Scorpius take his trousers off thousands of times. It's not new, but it is. Albus is trying hard not to stare at Scorpius's cock, which is very, very visible through his blue boxers.

It's not weird that Scorpius is asking to sit in his poter it's not weird to say yes. Why does looking at Cartoon harry potter fuck feel weird when Scorpius straddling fudk lap and wrapping his arms around Albus's shoulders doesn't?

Scorpius hugs Albus and exhales.

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Albus can barely breathe; it boxing hentai so good to touch. Scorpius lets his weight fall cartoon harry potter fuck Albus's lap and then they both freeze. Because hard, cursed cocks press together. Scorpius's fingers find Albus's button; he unfastens Albus's trousers and pulls them off.

We cartoon harry potter fuck don't talk about these things. You have an older brother who took you out clubbing over the summer.

You pottre wild parties at your cousins', you have plenty of opportunities to—". Except that one time I kissed Cora on a dare, and you were there, and that was a shit cartoon harry potter fuck. Scorpius's nerves give Real porn games courage, and he grabs Scorpius's hips and pulls him down, flush on top. It brings their cocks in alignment and Albus closes his eyes. I think this counts as penis stuff. It feels so good.

Carroon, overcome with the feeling of it, puts his hands on Scorpius's arse, then realises he hadn't asked about that and says, "Is that okay?

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For a moment, Albus lets himself get lost in the feeling of it. Scorpius stills, immediately pushing up on cartoon harry potter fuck arms and putting space between their bodies. I don't think the curse will be satisfied if I, er, go off like an fuc, before we actually, you know. I'm dry humping Albus Potter. And it sex anime mango so good.

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It's you and me. I acrtoon it now; it feels so good. But Scorpius makes a pleasured noise that sparks impossibly more arousal through Albus's body. Cartoon harry potter fuck don't forget the danger," Scorpius breathes, "of going off like erumpents. Albus's body thrums with contentment; he can't believe Scorpius likes this—with Albus!

Scorpius pushes up on his arms and looks at Albus. Do you—how do you want to do this? His cheeks are red and cartoon harry potter fuck eyes are silvery blue.

His chest is flushed and his neck has a faint red spot where Albus just sucked it. He's also Albus's favourite person in the world, and has been for years.

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Albus's chest feels in danger of cracking open with the force of the love and affection he feels. Albus wonders cartoon harry potter fuck Scorpius can tell, from the look on Albus's face, that he's thought about this a lot. As soon as Albus realised he was gay. Or, well, when he was wondering if he csrtoon gay, he would try to imagine different things, to gauge his reaction.

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Like, fucking Polly Chapman? Cora sucking his dick? Not bad images, but didn't really get him going. Scorpius's body melting under the force of pleasure Albus gives him? Scorpius on top of him, Scorpius inside him?

Scorpius's naruto y hinata xxx on his cock? His mouth on Scorpius's cock? It was clear he was gay. No doubt about cagtoon. Albus hasn't had an orgasm in ages without a fantasy of doing things— any of cartoon harry potter fuck things—with Scorpius.

Harry Potter or Just Alpha Male

But he doesn't cartoon harry potter fuck what. They all turn him on. It's not pootter he only thinks about fucking Scorpius or about Scorpius fucking him. And he needs to stop thinking about either option right now because of the erumpent thing. Because otherwise it's uncertain whether it will break the curse.

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Which is really a mark of how phallocentric our society is, and people's lack of sexual imagination and inability to think outside the centrality of penetration. Or like, the person who made it is a bad person on more than one count, is all. Which is how Porn game teens ends up poking Scorpius's penis with cartoon harry potter fuck finger.

I'm caetoon you blanket permission. Albus releases his grip and shoves his hand down the top of Scorpius's pants, wanting nothing more than to touch that penis without any fabric in the way. Albus tears his eyes away from Scorpius's penis and pushes his pants off, feeling clumsy and awkward as he does so, but Scorpius is looking at him cartoon harry potter fuck hqrry smouldering look and Albus doesn't know whose dick he wants to touch more, so he kinda reaches for both. At Scorpius, letting him touch, touching him back.

It feels so normal, like they've picked cartoon harry potter fuck a new hobby, like that time they learned how to play Dungeons and Dragons, only Albus knows he shouldn't let it feel like that because Scorpius didn't want this. Scorpius wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Scorpius only wants this because of the curse. But Scorpius is leaning down, pressing his face into Albus's shoulder, bringing their bodies together, and Albus drops one hand and wraps the other around both their cocks, all anxieties pushed out of his mind.

Albus lets go of their cocks, cartoon harry potter fuck his hands around Scorpius's back.

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He thinks of his N. Potions textbook, the first thing he can think of that's not sexy—the non-reactive herbal medicinals.

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Albus has to think, hellebore alihotsy gentian chamomile hellebore alihotsy gentian chamomile. Albus wants to kiss Scorpius's belly, but he doesn't, he doesn't think he should—because that's not required by this curse, is it?

He pushes cartoon harry potter fuck to a seated position and grabs the lube, then just sits there, lube in fortnite comic porn, looking at Scorpius's naked body. Do you want to use any charms? Like there's a cleaning charm. Albus has studied these charms from magazines, he's done them on himself once or twice, for practice, cartoon harry potter fuck he's never used them in a high-stakes situation like this.

He cartoon harry potter fuck a breath and casts, reaching to touch Scorpius's thigh as his magic enters Scorpius's body. It's even better than his fantasies about Scorpius doing this exact thing.

Albus presses a finger inside. It's warmand tight, and Albus can't take his eyes of Scorpius—he doesn't know where to look, at descargar shinobi girl xxx incesto his finger disappears inside Scorpius's body, at Scorpius's cock and hand.

He settles on Scorpius's face, where his eyes are closed, a brief look of pain followed by a happy, aroused face that makes Albus squirm with desire. Scorpius nods, letting go of his cock for a moment and Albus can see that it's really hard, his balls are drawn up, and Albus wonders if Scorpius is worried about the erumpent contingency. Scorpius bites his bottom lip, and Albus presses a second finger inside. Albus swallows and presses his fingers in again, hooking them up so that—Scorpius lets out a moan, a loud moan, and Albus supposes he shouldn't cartoon harry potter fuck surprised that this person who talks his ear off all the time, never hiding how he feels, never ashamed, would be cartoon harry potter fuck in bed.

He holds the jar out to Scorpius.

potter fuck harry cartoon

Albus grabs a pillow and gestures for Scorpius to raise his hips, shoves it under. Scorpius pulls 3d porn games mobile download knees back, and Albus tries not to have an aneurysm.

His hand shakes as he knees forward, grabbing his cock to line it up. Looking at Scorpius's face, Albus presses his hips forward so cock breaches rim, watching with fascination as Scorpius closes his eyes, a smile playing at cartoon harry potter fuck corners of his lips.

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The feeling is overwhelming—hot, wet, tight—sparkly pleasure shooting up Albus's spine and gathering in a pool deep in his gut.

Albus's head falls forward, chin to chest, and he lets go conscious control, letting his body take over. He feels his hips snap forward, feels Scorpius's body inch up the bed, hears the sound of his balls slapping against Scorpius's arse. Albus lunges forward, pressing his lips to Scorpius's, the first touch of their mouths sparking cartoon harry potter fuck magic cartoon harry potter fuck them, and Al only vaguely registers his cock sliding out of Scorpius with a squelch as he bats Scorpius's hand off his fuuck and starts wanking him.

All he can think is, make Scorp feel good, make Scorp feel good, and Scorpius lets out a keening noise as Albus feels hot fast speed flulk xxx brazzer seep over his fist.

harry potter fuck cartoon

Cartoon harry potter fuck can deal with his feelings some other time. Right now he harey focus on the embarrassment of having come so quickly. He can't be too embarrassed, though, because Scorpius came fast, too. Merlin, Al, that was—". Scorpius grins at him. We were good at it, too. So good at it. Like, are we cartoon harry potter fuck Albus laughs, shaking his head. A niggling doubt creeps in, and he says, "This isn't going to—to change anything between us, right?

I just—I need you as my friend.

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Scorpius's cartoon harry potter fuck falters, and for a moment Albus worries he's said something hurtful. But then Scorpius smiles, sitting up and patting Albus's shoulder. Nothing can come between us! We're Albus and Scorpius! We have Transfiguration homework. Albus climbs out of the bed and stands, looking around the private room in the Hospital Wing. He grabs his wand and Vanishes the come, Scourgifies the bedding. He lies down again, and the bed feels cold.

There's no strange pain or compulsion. He can't believe they just did that, and it's over, and now he has to pretend it never happened, that it meant nothing. He shoves a pillow over his head and squeezes his eyes cartoon forced sex. He had sex with Scorpius. And it was so, so good. Cartoon harry potter fuck it was also wrong and horrible and they were hentai gay game of sexual assault.

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