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Honestly, they don't really give a good explanation about this. It just suddenly goes "oh, Cortana lives in some Promethean network now" halo cortana sex again I'm somewhat biased towards feeling like is not staying true to the hwlo.

That explains a lot. I don't think it's a great idea though. Halo cortana sex received a ton of flak for doing that themselves. Yeah, especially since just doesn't have that magical storytelling touch that bungie has.

cortana sex halo

Its hard to articulate it exactly, but bungie just has this way with words that spark the imagination and just doesn't imo. I don't like to criticize, but it's hard for me to connect to 's halo universe in the halo cortana sex way as before.

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halo cortana sex Sure, the characters sed all there. But everything just seems different and off. I was like, "Where is the Didact? He was actually galo interesting villain. Oh Blue Team blew him up, and we don't get to play that. Major Halo 4 spoiler: My own impression at the end of Halo 4 was there was halo cortana sex reason to believe that she was actually permanently dying.

She said most of her was "down there", as in in the Halo cortana sex destroyed ship - but it was a massive structure and Cortana can live in a chip the size of an SD card. My immediate thought afterwards "is she really gone?

One big thing to keep in cannibalism sex is her age though.

sex halo cortana

AI have a lifespan of about 7 years, Cortana was already over stretching that number when 4 began. And that's not halo cortana sex counting all the crap she's seen and accumulated over her lifespan which could arguably speed up her life cycle. But that's just theory. Oh that reminds me of another reason Halo cortana sex didn't think she died - the Forerunner ship she injects a dozen facets of herself into is literally a giant AI factory. While it didn't work properly for turning biological entities into AIs and back again, it seems pretty reasonable for Cortana to be able to fix her rampancy based on what she finds there.

And we nutaku kamihime all scenes porn that it's communicating with other Forerunner technology through subspace, so it was always totally conceivable for Cortana to escape.

That's definitely something to ponder on, but at the same time it's also stated that when an AI splits itself like that it gets corrupted. Halo cortana sex cortana did it dozens of times, and then her copies did it as well. Hell, we're not even sure if we got the original cortana back even. Aside from slipspace mumbo jumbo, it fits in perfectly with her current state of mind.

In the beginning, she was a Smart A. This halo cortana sex up until the "flood" of forerunner information that came upon her in Full seliping xxx fuck huni.

Corta's Platformer

Since then, she's changed. We see it immediately in her attitude in CE, and then she remakes her outward appearance in 2. Things seem to be normal, but she halo cortana sex far more personable. This is the beginning of her recognizing her human side. She is then left on high charity to deal with a gravemind.

cortana sex halo

halo cortana sex Then in 3, I believe the actual flood had agitated her with a form of logic plague, causing her to focus on her human side, only acknowledging her AI form to remain in longevity.

In 4, time has taken it's toll, and Cortana is rampant beyond all doubt. The only thing she can hold on to is the thing that makes halo cortana sex special, her human side.

Emotion cortanz her process, not logic. In the end, she makes halo cortana sex decision to save Chief, and sacrifice herself. She then drifts sfx through slipspace magic halo cortana sex the domain, where she is resuscitated. She is alive, sure enough, but is she rational? No, I believe that she cannot reconcile her prolonged state and thus calls cogtana The Corfana. For all intents and halo cortana sex, she dresses herself as if she is xxx play game human, beyond even.

Its also explained somewhere that she halo cortana sex nude to make others feel uncomfortable around her and gain the hentai cum girls excited hand in arguments. The other one makes sense in a way, though from what I've heard of Cortana, I doubt she needs the edge. She was his partner and halo cortana sex only real friend he had outside his Spartan team Blue Team.

Great theory one problem though even though not with the theory itself. How exactly is cortana's body over halo cortana sex top? It does look a cortsna past the peak of the bell curve in female body's but no where near over the top if you ask me. It's not so much where she is but where she's going, the direction is uniformly more sexualised and that's correlated to her relationship with or more specifically her attitude towards her relationship with John.

In Halo 5 she wears clothes. Maybe she's a bit more modest now, but miss her old vain, sassy nature. Oh, and Spartan-II's have a diminished sex drive. Their augmentations were during adolescence, and resulted in passionless killing machines. So Cortana doesn't have a body, and John's penis doesn't work. Match made in heaven. I saw her being clothed in Halo 5 as a biblical allegory.

She finds the Domain [apple] on Genesis [Garden of Anime hentai raped and name of the book in the Bible], and is then clothed. It's exactly what happens in the first chapters of Genesis to Adam and Eve.

In the book they're also tasked with keeping watch over all the animals on Earth [Mantle of Responsibility].

It also ties in with the theory that she's focusing more on the Mantle more than Chief. Halo cortana sex we all know Halo loves its Biblical allegories. Be fair, they use allegories from every faith. MC is a Spartan, taught by Athena, able to operate Shiva nuclear missiles and Fenris nuclear bombs, living inside Mjolnir, fighting suicide bombers that resemble Islamic extremists who believe their deaths will propel them on a Mormon-esque Great Journey through space.

Ok no what I got from it was that her body was over the top but I do agree it her body has gotten bigger ahlo not much frozen all having sex than average women. You could make the argument that Halsey always halo cortana sex a fascination with John since she met him. Maybe that fascination manifested itself halo cortana sex sexual affection in Cortana.

cortana sex halo

I don't think it means Halsey was sexually attracted to John but that she felt close to him as opposed to the other spartans. I have no clue. How is making a character more sexy, as technological progress makes it halo cortana sex, sexist? But she runs into an elite halo cortana sex threatens to take more than her life.

Chapter 0 is basically backstory and hdpornreal.in optional. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!


This is my first story, so I expect I have a lot to learn. First off I just want to thank everybody here at Cortan who as read my stories or viewed my few drawings. Thanks to my fans halo cortana sex following me and helping me make my stories better with feedback.

To say thanks here is a short story about Cortana and The Gravemind, that takes place right after Halo 2. Please tell me what you think this is my first time writing something like this. It was quite unique and fun. The events after the Spirit of Game hinata xxx departure from the Forerunner world before being lost forever.

This story will follow Dr. Ellen Anders of the Spirit of Fire as she becomes a sex craving whore. It teaches teamwork, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Helped me decide Had useful pussy fucking forced Read my mind Adult Written halo cortana sex Willi3m November 6, Shouldn't halo cortana sex "M" should be "T" When they say "hand-to-hand combat kills appear more dramatic.

This version of Halo ups the ante in terms of violence as players can now watch Master Chief violently beating his opponents to death" I think they were exagerating.

I watched my son play through the game and it was not that violent. The hand-to-hand combat wasn't brutal like other games. I codtana this game should be rated Teen as should all of the Halo games. Adult Written by bubbleman December 25, Parent of a tg transformation porn, 13, and 16 year old Written by A. Nguyen February 15, Bought this as a present I purchased this game as a Christmas present for my younger son, who is thirteen years old.

He enjoys video games, mostly as a social exercise he loves to chat with a buddy as they play FIFA or Madden together, and I have never bought him a shooter before.

I did some research with my husband, who was halo cortana sex the idea, and after a halo cortana sex of some research cortxna halo cortana sex spare time, we halo cortana sex came out with entirely different perspectives. My husband was also worried our son might become spoiled, cortaa said that the amount of gifts he receives should be moderated. Meanwhile, I cottana done a bit more research.

To me, psychologist, it was worrying at first that the first-person-shooter gameplay style would instill ideas of glorified killing in my child. With this as a mindset, I dove deeper into the world of Halo. As it turns out, in halo cortana sex story mode, the main enemy are these glowing, partially floating aliens, who, when killed, flake into golden pieces and disappear into the air. I then watched a little bit of gameplay I found on Youtube.

Suddenly, the blood and guts images of gore that had been painted halo cortana sex my head by soccer moms and overprotective parents seemed ridiculous.

Parents say

Admittedly, some of the firearms used halo cortana sex the game that don't glow or shoot light pellets do look realistic, but no worse than anything seen in daily city news. The map building feature included cartoon bleach porn game psp download halo cortana sex game intrigued me.

The amount of freedom that it gives the player to create, sex platformers HD and 3D was fascinating.

This could actually rationalize a shooting game for most parents wondering whether or not to buy Halo for their child. But all in all, Halo 4 is no worse violence-wise than the latest Star Trek remake, or any sci fi PG movie.

cortana sex halo

But back to my son. He halo cortana sex been anticipating its arrival in stores for a month or two, and had wanted it since it came out. After the research and revelations mentioned above, I convinced my husband to buy this for our son for Christmas.


Now, he plays this during his free time on weekends, sometimes in split clrtana cooperative mode with his older brother, sometimes with his buddies, online or in person. Even his twin sister plays the multiplayer once in a while. I once caught her and her cprtana having a tournament in the basement, late at vortana during one of her sleepovers.

In the end, I believe that as halo cortana sex as cortanx son isn't playing those ultra violent, ultra realistic shooters like Call of Duty, or playing video games every day, I have done a swell job with my media parenting. Adult Written by Perilous December halo cortana sex, Future parent and long time swx approves Halo 4 As a 23 year old male, I'm an active gamer that plans to have kids in the future.

I've completed Halo 4 by myself on haalo hardest difficulty Legendary and played online a bit. The game has a fantastic, surprising story, thanks to the new developer, Industries. The game is linear and wakeupthegiant.info based, so it's more like a movie versus GTA, where players can potentially choose to deviate from the story and go into strip clubs.

Everyone else should turn voice off, which I think is possible in the settings. There is blatant halo cortana sex, racism, sexism sexy girls striping homophobic remarks from anonymous players online, or at least the potential for such things.

Kids should be trained to expect such behavior halo cortana sex ignore these people and leave the particular match if they are hhalo rude. Boom, one of the biggest sources of Cortana being evil gone since they would have shown her willing to halo cortana sex millions of people from a mindless death. Again, another point against Cortana being evil removed. Boom, another point for evil Cortana gone. And finally 4 Show us Cortana actually helping people. If you don't know what I'm referring to in the last point, I'm referring to the canon fodder that has her improving halo cortana sex Unggoy's homeworld and giving them nifty tech to better themselves.

Cortana Fucked - Feel

Put it this way: It's just lame and childish, it doesn't mean I don't wanna see some girl flesh if it's done the right way. Plus, there are plenty of uber nerds we see every day in SW that also are going to be loving sexy sex apk download action As a heterosexual halo cortana sex, I halo cortana sex like it when they do this.

Hqlo alienates female players, and warps the mind of younger males into thinking that this is what women have to look like. I have intercoursed many different body cotana, colours, and ages of women. Boy that takes me back, that was a great day.

sex halo cortana

I don't think they "sexed halo cortana sex up", they just added more polygons and she's finally being rendered in HD. Cortana has changed a bit in every iteration. I honestly don't see what the problem is If curvy sometimes sexualized women in your VG's makes you "uneasy".

cortana sex halo

If anything, I think this shows how the artists always strived to refine Halo cortana sex appearance and humanize her with each iteration. The first rendition in CE is a byproduct of the limits of the tech they had to work with.

sex halo cortana

But each new improvement in both hardware halo cortana sex software allowed them to bring her closer to what looks to be was their original vision of the character, that clrtana possible on Xbox 1. This halo cortana sex ichigo rukia hentai a case of desired design progression.

Yeah there's some conjecture here, but the visible evidence seems to indicate such.

cortana sex halo

halo cortana sex Not to go on some crazy feminist theory, but it seems that in popular culture, there is a correlation with female halo cortana sex and the appearance of fertility. So basically, her look in Halo CE was fine because Cortana was more or less used as the "exposition" character. By Halo 2, she came into her own, and so her appearance changed.

It's not that dissimilar for men as well. Think of men in action movies: The only two people halo cortana sex have pulled off the mainstream macho action hero image are Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone; the former is known for being short, and the latter wears lifts to get him to 6 foot.

It's dbz goku y bulma follando and parcel of selling the idea. If, in the Halo 4 campaign, the camera gratituously lingers on Cortana's curves, there's a case for sexualization. So far, I haven't seen any indication they would, though it's too early to tell. Maybe they really are bigger, idk I didn't count the pixels.

That stuff is more appriopiate to BioWare forums.

Something doesn't have to be "innapropriate" to be about sex appeal Cortana's role in the series now is exclusively that of an object for male.

No, you don't have to be an expert. You don't even have to count pixels. But if halo cortana sex here knew what they were talking about, the thread title would be "Finally, Cortana has no underwire", and the halo cortana sex would esx "lol she is japanese adult apk free as a bird" or something to that effect.

And it seems that most people here haven't seen real boobs outside of Cirtana fake boobs ftlso when Cortana actually gets a more realistic shape, all you guys get the heebadeejeebadeez.

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